12th Occupational Therapy Africa Regional Group International Congress.


Submission Deadline: 30th April 2021

Notification of acceptance: Within two months after submission


Presenters must be registered and paid by: 31st May 2021

Number of abstracts submitted: Unlimited

However, if our spaces are filled up, we will use the Rule of Twos: one presenter can only present two abstracts (1 oral + 1 poster or 2 orals or 2 posters) during the Congress. Co-authors must be assigned as presenter if more than two abstracts were accepted.

Re-submission policy:

Abstracts that have been presented at other congresses in the past 2 years (since OTARG 2019) can be resubmitted.

Abstract Structure

All abstracts should be formatted into the following four sections:


Clarifies the motivation for the research or topic to be presented.


Provides sufficient detail for others to reproduce what is studied in the research project.


Presents and discusses the results.(Not required for workshop abstracts)


Presents the outcome of the work by interpreting the findings and by relating these findings to the motivation stated in the Introduction. Explain the significance of your findings / outcomes and future implications of the results. Try and draw implications of your work to the congress theme.

Abstract Guidelines

All abstracts must be submitted electronically through the Congress website.
  1. Abstracts will be accepted in English only.
  2. There is no fee for submitting an abstract.
  3. The abstract text body is limited to 300 words.
  4. Accepted abstract formats; Microsoft Word or Pdf.
  5. A maximum of two figures/images (in JPG, GIF, or PNG with ideally 600 dpi) can be included. These will not count toward the word limit, nor will the information about authors, and institutions. File size of 1 MB maximum for each figure.
  6. Tables: do not insert tables into the body of the abstracts, the system will not recognize the format of the table. Tables will need to be uploaded as image files into the body of the abstract.

Copyright Policy

  1. Abstracts should not include libellous or defamatory content.
  2. Material presented in abstracts should not violate any copyright laws.
  3. If figures/graphics/images have been taken from sources not copyrighted by the author, it is the author’s sole responsibility to secure the rights from the copyright holder in writing to reproduce those figures/graphics/images for both worldwide print and web publication.
  4. All reproduction costs charged by the copyright holder must be borne by the author.

Abstract Review

  1. All submitted abstracts will go through a blinded peer-review process carried out by an experienced, representative, and continental scientific review committee.
  2. All abstracts will be reviewed (blinded) by at least two reviewers, trained on the congress-specific review scorecard.
  3. Scores assigned by all reviewers are averaged, a process to be handled by the LOC.
  4. Rejections are further evaluated by the scientific review committee.

Notification of Acceptance or Rejection to Corresponding Author

  1. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitting (corresponding) author by 30th April 2021
  2. Please note that only the corresponding author will receive the communication concerning the abstract.
  3. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will receive instructions for the presentation of their abstract

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